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PRESIDENT: Nicola Piccioli


Nicola Piccioli & Paola Billi

FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy, founded in Florence in 2000, is one of the most active associations in Italy in promoting cultural exchange with China and other countries in eastern Asia, whether by organising demonstrations, workshops, educational seminars, lectures and Chinese calligraphy performances or through their online gallery FeiMoInternationl (www.feimo.org).
The association is run by calligraphy masters Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli, who are, respectively, President and General Secretary of the International Calligraphers Association in Italy, members of the International Calligraphers Federation in Beijing and the Japanese High School Shodo Association, the AIAS (Art of Ink in America Society) in New York and the Art of Seal Carving Association in Los Angeles, and who together set up the FeiMoSchool, the first Chinese calligraphy and sigillography school in Italy.
Their teaching is focused on the quality and authenticity of an education that involves the study of classic and modern sources, with a nod towards contemporary art.
Since 2001 members and students of FeiMo have been periodically invited to prestigious international Chinese calligraphy exhibitions in eastern Asia, Europe and the United States, where they have received significant recognition and awards.
The FeiMo Contemporary Calligraphy Cultural Association and FeiMoSchool are recognised by Peking University (Beida) and Tsinghua University (Qinghua) in Beijing and by Korean and Japanese academic and governmental authorities.


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Main Collaborations and Projects

City of Florence

Consulate General of China in Florence


School Prizes

and Recognition

100th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Qinghua University of Beijing
Paola Billi and Nicola Piccioli:
commission for three calligraphy artworks each.
Qinghua University, Beijing, China 2011.

Beijing University Calligraphy Committee, Beijing



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